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Ghana Medical AssociationGhana Medical AssociationGhana Medical Association

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The Ghana Medical Association over the years has been the gigantic pillar in Health Service delivery of our Nation. Read More >>>


The vision of the Ghana Medical Association is for 'a well-motivated professional group at the forefront of delivering optimal healthcare for the general public'.


The mission of the GMA is 'to promote good health among all people in Ghana, through participation in the development and maintenance of the highest possible standards of healthcare delivery, and to continuously seek the total welfare of members'.
Who We Are

Brief History of Ghana Medical Association

The first organized group of African doctors in Ghana was the Gold Coast Medical Practitioners Union which was formed in 1933 to act as a vehicle for redressing grievances of African medical officers in government employment.

It was jointly founded by three Ghanaian doctors namely F. V.Nanka -Bruce (President and Spokesperson), C. E. Reindorf and W.A.C Nanka Bruce with J.E. Hutton Mills as secretary.

Our Committment

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Our Philosophy

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Our Core Values

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Oranization & Membership

We're ready to share our advice and experience.

The GMA has a membership of over 7,000 medical and dental practitioners working in all sixteen (16) regions of Ghana covering ten (10)  Divisions in the country. Members cut across the full spectrum of the profession: Consultants, Researchers, Academicians as well as Specialists and other ranks of Medical Officers; and work in the public sector, private sector, faith-based organisations and quasi-Government institutions, as well as in academia and research.


We are committed to reach our goals.

The Ghana Medical Association has been significantly influential in the health administration and healthcare delivery in the Republic of Ghana through several initiatives, innovations and interventions

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Providing you with relevant articles and opinion pieces authored by our distinguished members.

Publications & Research

We're ready to share our Journals & Other Publications.

The GMA began publication of a newsletter/news bulletin from as far back as April 1959, and began publication of the ‘Ghana Medical Journal’ in 1962. The Ghana Medical Journal provides a platform for doctors to publish their research work and other materials of clinical benefit to the profession.


Leadership with a Dedicated Team.

The Association is led by a dedicated Team of Doctors & Dentists in the Country. Their mandate is for a 2-yr period after which a new election is held.


Dr. Frank Ankobea


Dr. Frank Serebour

Vice President

Dr. Justice Yankson

General Secretary