Dr. Frank Ankobea (President)

The GMA is a member of the Confederation of African Medical Associations and Societies (CAMAS), Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA) and the World Medical Association.

Regular activities on the GMA calendar each year include the Annual National Health Week, Annual Public Lectures, and seminars on continuous professional development. Education and communication have been vital to the organisation from its inception; the GMA began publication of a newsletter/news bulletin from as far back as April 1959, and began publication of the 'Ghana Medical Journal' in 1962. The Ghana Medical Journal provides a platform for doctors to publish their research work and other materials of clinical benefit to the profession.


The GMA has a membership of over 3,000 medical and dental practitioners working in all ten regions of the country, with a concentration in Accra and Kumasi. Members cut across the full spectrum of the profession: medical officers, specialists, consultants, researchers and academicians; and work in the public sector, private sector, faith-based organisations and quasi-Government institutions, as well as in academia and research.

The Association is made up of ten Divisions whose Chairmen together with the National Executive Committee and a representative each from the Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners, Ghana Dental Association and the Junior Doctors Society, constitute the National Executive Council. The National Executive Council meets every other month to deliberate on matters affecting the Association. The highest decision-making body of the Association is the General Assembly, which meets at the Annual General Meetings held in different parts of the country.

The Association affirms that health is a right and must be made accessible, equitable, affordable, and appropriate and safe at all times to all the people in Ghana.

The Association is committed to partnerships and collaborations with all Professions and Groups interested in promoting optimal health for the people of Ghana.

The Association affirms the belief that the health of the people of Ghana means the total well being of the people and not the mere absence of disease.

The Association is committed to the welfare of members and other health professionals as essential to achieve and sustain optimal health care delivery in Ghana.